Alben Borgar was a Half-Orc Barbarian, originally from Narfell. She and her brother, Etheus Borgar, murdered the child Princess of Narfell, Luna, and fled to Waycrest, in the Heartlands, hoping to pay off their substantial bounty.

She and her brother joined the Waycrest Party of Aeliyana Ithilme'a, hoping to earn enough gold to pay their bounty off. However, after her brother was killed by Bone Nagas in the abandoned, underground city of Goryx, she and her brother's true identity were revealed by Madorian Weepwillow, a Halfling Fighter from Narfell who suspected the two. Escorted back to Riatavin by Sir Moldrum Broadleaf, she and her brother were handed over to the authorities. They were immediately extradited to Narfell via teleportation and executed by Narfell.

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