Boadia is a Elf Monk/Cleric from The Knights of Waycrest.

graceful, gentle, and fiercely loyal, Boadia was originally an initiate of the Maelstrom Syndicate, an order of Monks near Icewind Dale. She found herself in Waycrest during her "Solijourn;" a 5-year initiation rite in which applicants to the Order serve the people of Faerun through noble deeds.


Early in the adventure, Boadia was nearly killed by a troll. Although she was rescued by Aeris (who was also knocked unconscious in the battle,) Boadia's face was badly disfigured by the trolls. Her nose is mostly destroyed, along with a corner of her lip that locks her face in a grotesque grimace.

After the battle, she reconsidered her future as a monk and began taking instruction from Aeliyana on becoming a life cleric.

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