"DARKBANE, Duregar's wrath!
Forged in thick in mage-blood,
Woe of the Iron Wars,
Servant of the winding Night.
And Gulrik, Snow-Cleaver,
Shaker of Stones,
Lord of the Deepwell;
The Hammer's forging was his unforging;
The Price of his blood thrown upon the
Innumerable dead.
And Gulrik, victorious,
Drew Breath no more.
His hammer was lost
In his darkness."
-"Darkbane," a poem by Crassus Storm-Seeker

Crassus Storm-Seeker was a Dwarven Bard of some renown around DR 1200. His only surviving poem is kept at Eastmorrow Academy in Esmelteran. It was discovered by Professor Celtina Nicci at the behest of Aeliyana during The Knights of Waycrest.

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