Finian Lodgepole was a Knight of Waycrest and the Lord Ranger of Waycrest, serving in the post for over 60 years.


After the death of Lady Ulienne LeVay, Finian was captured by Gideon Kuno, a servant of the demon Nedamis. For years, he was mind-controlled by Kuno and used to weaken Waycrest and plot against young Lady Ember LeVay.

Lodgepole was the Lord Ranger of Waycrest when Aeliyana first entered the city during the Knights of Waycrest. Freed from the mind-control by Emmalynn Zay during a confrontation in the Council Chambers, Lodgepole (free for the first time in twenty-five years) beheaded Kuno and helped the party destroy the shapeshifted form of Lady Malia.

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