Gimrik Half-Mantle is the current Commander of the Shatterfell Rangers, a party of Dwarves, Humans, and Elves charged with protecting the foothill vassalage of Shatterfell that provide the city food from their farming networks. 


Half-Mantle is loyal to the Stonelord, but he keeps his political opinions to himself.  He is fair, quick, and decisive—his years hunting beasts across the heartlands have given him a keen eye and a good sense for danger.

Born in an outskirt village of Shatterfell, Half-Mantle was very small and short for a Dwarf. He found his size

useful in scouting and hunting in the nearby forests, and soon joined the city's order of Rangers. He quickly worked his way to the top, fighting alongside Ulgar Blood-Bane in the First Ice-Weaver Blood Feud; an ordeal where the city's most powerful family attempted to oust Ulgar after he was elected Stonelord. For his services, Gimrik was appointed Lord Ranger of Shatterfell.

During the Lords of Shatterfell, Aeris and Aeliyana helped Gimrik uncover and stop a plot to launch another blood feud, leading them to Davian Ordo and the Cult of Shar.

During the Knights of Waycrest, Gimrik recieved an animal messenger from the mind-controlled Finian Lodgepole, who warned Gimrik that he was being mind-controlled and begged for assistance. He relayed this message to Aeris and Aeliyana on their journey between Esmelteran and Waycrest.

During the Wayward Wanderer, Gimrik gathered intelligence regarding Ghel Olen and drow in the Dales at the request of the party as they passed by Shatterfell enroute to the Dales from Waterdeep.

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