Hami Bone-Braid, a male Dwarf Fighter (Champion), is the son of Kikil Bone-Braid, one of the three original Bone-Braid exiles who resettled in Waycrest during the Spellplague. His uncle, Komryg Bone-Braid, is a Knight of Waycrest.


During the Knights of Waycrest, Hami joined Aeliyana's party to hunt down the weapon Darkbane in the abandoned, underground kingdom of Argola.

During a battle against Ice Wolves on the slopes of the Snowflake Mountains, Hami lost an eye fending off the wolves, cut off from the rest of his party. A black leather eyepatch was fashioned by Eryx Valentia.

Hami is noble, just, and brave. Unlike the barbarian generation of Bone-Braids, Hami represents the more modern faction of the clan in Waycrest.

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