Kikil Bone-Braid is one of the three original Bone-Braid exiles who relocated to Waycrest from Icewind Dale duing the Spellplague.

Her son is Hami Bone-Braid, an adventurer who fought with Aeliyana and Aeris during the Knights of Waycrest.

Kikil fought against Aeris, Aeliyana, and Lady Ember LeVay in the Siege of Waycrest Hall. Killed in the fighting, she was revived by Aeliyana at the behest of Lady Ember and put on trial for treason.

Thanks to Aeliyana's intervention during the trial, evidence of a treasonous plot meant to stir the Bone-Braids into rebellion resulted in Kikil and her clan's pardoning by Lady Ember.

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