Komryg is a Knight of Waycrest and patriarch of the Bone-Braid clan.  He is an experienced and powerful warrior,hailing from an exiled branch of a powerful tribe in Icewind Dale.  He and his two siblings, along with their families, settled in the city of Waycrest under the request of Lady Ulianna LeVay; Komryg was granted knighthood and served Lady Ulianna until her death.  His relationship with her successor, however, Lady Ember LeVay, has been lukewarm and sometimes openly hostile.  When Komryg was wrongly accused of treason by Aeliyana Ithilme’a’s party (the documents she recovered, as it turned out, were forgeries by a mind-controlled Sir Finian Lodgepole) he escaped, rallied his clan, and assaulted Waycrest Hall with an army of around 50 Dwarves in the Siege of Waycrest Hall. During the battle, he was knocked unconscious is personal combat with Aeris.

Thanks to Aeliyana and Aeris’s defense of the Hall, the attack failed, and Komryg (with his sister) was taken prisoner. Lady Aeliyanna, however, delayed Komryg’s execution by invoking the Rite of Combat, choosing Aeris to fight Lady Ember for more time to investigate the damning evidence.  After a week of investigation, Aeliyana returned to Waycrest with evidence proving Komryg’s innocence, and he was released.  His Knighthood was reinstated, and he was selected to join the Knights of Waycrest in their journey into the ruins of Argola.

Komryg is tough, brooding, and observant.  He is motivated by honor and personal glory,hoping to bring more prestige to himself and his clan.  He has little or no regard for the other members of his party; though he is more likely to side with Aeliyana, who (after all) delivered him from execution. However, he is not steadfastly loyal to anyone, but will merely operatein the interest of his own glory and that of his clan’s. He keeps a keen eye on his nephew, Hami Bone-Braid.

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