Lady Ember LeVay is the human Countess of Waycrest, an independent city near the Snowflake Mountains.


Lady Ember became the Countess at the age of 5 when her entire family died of disease during the Spellplague. During her youth, she received a top-rate education, as well as martial training with medium armor and the longsword.

During the Knights of Waycrest, Lady Ember named Aeris and Aeliyana Knights of Waycrest for destroying a menacing band of goblins in the nearby mountains. She fought in the Siege of Waycrest Hall and imprisoned the Bone-Braid siblings for treason after winning the battle.

During the Bone-Braid trial, Aeliyana invoked the Rite of Combat in defense of the Bone-Braids, certain that the clan was tricked into attacking by conspirators in Lady Ember's Council. Aeliyana elected Aeris as her champion for the Rite, who had recently won the Tournament of Waycrest. When no one would fight Aeris, Lady Ember elected to fight him herself. She was no match for the Ranger, and lost her sword arm during the melee. However, breaking tradition, Aeliyana spared the Countess's life.

After Aeliyana foiled the plot of Gideon Kuno and Lady Maia, two members of her own council, Lady Ember named Aeliyana Lord Commander of the Knights of Waycrest and sent her on a mission to find the ancient weapon Darkbane deep underneath the Snowflake Mountains.

Lady Ember is composed, discreet, and upright. Her values justice above all else, and by this philosophy refuses to have her arm regenerated.

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