Lady Ulianna LeVay was the founder and Countess of Waycrest until her death during the Spellplague; tricked into a necrotic ritual by her adviser Gideon Kuno.


A hero of Amn, Lady Ulianna earned great acclaim as an officer during the Woodland Wars. For her services, she was granted (at her request) an autonomous parcel of land near the Snowflake Mountains. After building Waycrest into a flourishing city, she was seduced by Gideon Kuno, the false-priest of the city's shrine of Iilmater, and began an affair with him.

When her daughter Lady Ember LeVay came down with sickness during the Spellplague, Lady Ulianna was convinced by Gideon Kuno and her closest friend, Lady Maia, into conducting a powerful ritual to spare her daughter's life. She was tricked by Kuno, and while her daughter was indeed spared, the rest of her family died of the same sickness within the week, their souls bound to the Demon Nedamis.

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