City of Starmantle, circa 1479 DR.

Starmantle is a developing town on the southern mouth of the Dragonmere near the Sea of Fallen Stars. The city is governed by the Starmantle Council, four co-rulers who won the deed to the city from Lord Jondicar Bleth for their services in the Battle of Westgate.


History Edit

Starmantle was once a powerful human city-state and trading power along the Sea of Fallen Stars. Destroyed early in the Spellplague by unknown causes, the city spent over a century in utter ruin before the land's titles were granted by Lord of Westgate, Lord Jondicar Bleth, to "The heroes of Westgate" (the Bugaboo Party).

The Council of Starmantle invested a small fortune into the city in order to rebuild it as a respectable city-state along the Dragonmere.

Spellplague Edit

(from the Forgotten Realms Wikia)

In the mid-to-late fourteenth century DR, Starmantle was inundated by flood of Shou humans from Thesk.[3]

Starmantle was destroyed in 1385 DR by the Spellplague., and just over a decade later, the city was little more then ruins. Large man-sized, gemstone-hard, emerald-colored outcrops that hummed with a single flute-like note covered the ruins and the surrounding land. A flickering blue glow passed between the outcrops. Obsidian masses slowly drifted across the open ground. The only inhabitants were plaguechanged ghouls.

Post-Sundering Edit

For Many years, the city stood dormant, abandoned, and dangerous; infected by ghouls and other dark creatures. For a brief period, Nask and his Wayward Clan succeeded in driving the ghouls out in order to build a new defensible headquarters for the clan. However, the plan was foiled by Aeris of Deepingdale and his party, who routed Nask's army in The Battle of Westgate. Aeris personally slayed Nask within the city's walls at what would become known as the Wayward Fountain.

New Starmantle Edit

For their service to the city-state of Westgate, Lord Jondicar Bleth, whose house claimed the eastern reaches of the Dragonmere after Starmantle's fall, granted the abandoned city's deed to the Bugaboo Party.

Current Status Edit

The party took out 300,000 gp in loans from the Wizard's Bank of Westgate on a lien in order to invest in infrastructural and economic entities in the city. It is currently being surveyed by royal architects from Westgate

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Religion Edit

A Temple of Torm has been commissioned in the city by the party for many former Eye of Justice Paladins in Westgate.

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